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Waka Flocka Earns RESPECT

BY Scott A. Marlowe

ON November 18, 2010

 Like it or not, Waka Flocka is earning his RESPECT.  Elliott Wilson, editor in chief of RESPECT Magazine, released his first cover featuring the Queens born, Atlanta raised emcee Waka Flocka Flames.  At first, I was surprised and disappointed with his selection since the first few issues featured established hip hop heavyweights like Jay-Z, 2 Pac, Eminem & T.I.  But after thinking about it for awhile and following YN’s timeline all night, I RESPECT his choice and think it was a smart move.  Waka has been on fire all year releasing hit after hit.  Even if you don’t like his music, you have to RESPECT his hustle.  The cover has gotten people talking about the issue, which is exactly what he was hoping for.  Mr. Wilson made a bold move by putting Waka on his first cover.  That’s what bosses do and that’s why he’s the HNIC over there… RESPECT!  

Issue hits newsstands December 7th

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