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Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Black Irish

BY Team Yee

ON November 17, 2010

Weigh In – Should Black Irish Quite His Day Job?


Music from the soul. Rebel rock star status. From the lyrics to the beats to the swag, New Jersey’s own Black Irish epitomizes real authentic hip hop. Born and raised in Union City, NJ, Black Irish has been active in the independent hip hop scene for a good 12 years now. His first appearances were as Absalute, his first moniker which he used in the beginning of his solo career and with group The Fakulty that he and producer Cole Seer formed in 2000. In 2003, emcee Danny Rogust decided it was time to move on to the next level in his career by working with new producers WrekRoom, Brown13, Dee Shot and L.A. producer Beat Butcher as well as changing his name to Black Irish.

“Black Irish was a term my mother and family used to describe us. There’s many myths to the term but one my mother always used was that people called irish people with dark hair and dark eyes “Black Irish”. “I also felt like it was sort of an insult and since I’ve always felt like a black sheep and an artist that can make dark type music, I decided to rock the new name. It truly felt like my real name, like more than my government name.” B.I. released his first official solo album “Straight, No Chaser” in 2006 to small buzz in the independent scene. Labeled as a classic by many hip hop fans, “Straight, No Chaser” didn’t prove to be a commercial success but did receive much critical acclaim.

The next project Black Irish created was the dark and powerful “Lamb From The Lion’s Mouth”, which contained two original tracks produced by WrekRoom Muzik and industry instrumentals including 5 unreleased DJ Premier instrumentals. On “Lamb”, Black dug deep into his soul and touched on family issues, personal loss and the love for his wife and son. Also on the album was the lyrical “Top Of The Food Chain” and the club banger “Shot To Ya Chest”. Almost set up as a prelude to an original album, Black decided to release it as a free download through websites like and Almost simultaneously Black, fellow rhyme partners Johnny 3 Rounds and Kolassus and producers WrekRoom created an e.p. for their group Street Masons titled “Capital Gang” which took the underground by storm. Right after “Lamb” was released, B.I. started stopping by his partner and d.j. Brown13′s studio and something unlike anything else began to come to fruition.

Black Irish and Brown13 began to work a ton of new music. Every time Black came to the studio Brown had a new beat done and Black would write a song right there on the spot and they would record it. This went on for a couple of months until they had roughly 9 songs. During the process, B.I. and Brown began to take things to the next level by first enlisting emcee Crooked I. from supergroup Slaughterhouse for the Brown13 produced track “Gas Mask Kidz”. The next few months saw a series of power moves by Black Irish which included hooking up with producer !llmind (“Cardiac Arrest” by Sean Price, “Survival Skills” by KRS-ONE and Buckshot, “Queens” by LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Kool G Rap), Marco Polo (“Double Barrell” Torae, “Exxecution” w/ Rustee Juxx) and legendary Hip Hop producers Da Beatminerz (Black Moon, Smif-n-Wessun, O.C., Bootcamp among many others).

With 11 songs in the bag and ready for the album, Black enlisted partners WrekRoom Muzik to produce two more tracks, “Funeral Outfit” which starts the album off and “Demolition” (featuring Stark The Dutch and fellow Street Masons members Johnny 3 Rounds and Kolasuss) which ends the album. As Brown13 began the mix of the album Black made one more move getting legendary emcee Kool G Rap to record two skits for the album. From the beginning of the recording process, the two partners came up with a name of the project, Black&Brown. Black Irish decided to call the album Black&Brown and came up with the title “CadillacSupaClova”. Asked how he came up with the title, Black answers by saying it was something he just came up with and seemed to represent what the album is. Smooth, rebel pimp shit. The formula: hard beats, shit talking, smooth rhymes and catchy hooks.

As Brown13 mixed the album, the duo shot a video with director Logrithmic for the Beatminerz produced joint “Make My Day”. The video debuted on B.I.’s brithday August 15th and so far has gotten 1400 views in two weeks and is featured on many websites including ,,, and among others. The Marco Polo produced track “Say Uncle” is featured on hiphopdx and the Brown13 produced “Gas Mask Kidz” produced by Brown13 is featured on Check out the Black Irish interview on Black&Brown “CadillacSupaClova” will be released September 7th and should place Black Irish in the ranks as a powerful emcee and Brown13 as a powerful producer/d.j.

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