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Saigon’s Moment Of Clarity

BY Scott A. Marlowe

ON November 9, 2010

The Yardfather returned to The Morning After last week after a long hiatus.  Saigon takes a look back at his career over the past 9 years and reflects on the various ups and downs he’s been through in that time.

In the first part, Saigon talks about fatherhood and his relationship with Just Blaze.  He says. “we brothers… our relationship is so much beyond business.”  He talks about getting into a fight at his birthday party and Justins mom jumping in.  He goes on to say “my problem has never been my talent… but it was always me making dumb decisions.”

Saigon recalls his history saying “I came and went a few times, every few years I pop up, I do something big, every few years I do something major and people recognize me, then I disapear.”  He talks about first meeting Just Blaze in 2004 through Sickamore. Just hooked him up with G. Roberson and Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua who signed him to Atlantic Records.  He soon had “termoil” with the label after Hip-Hop “quit” a couple months later.   Saigon says he didn’t want to leave on bad terms with Atlantic.  He says “it just took me a very long time to leave with my music… they would let me go, just not with my music.”

He talks about his new label situation saying  “I see the difference when the labels on your side.”  Angela asks him how he was able to get off Atlantic with his music.  He says, “I still owe them money, don’t get it twisted… the release was probably thicker than the contract.”  Looking back on his mistakes, he says “I should have been on top of my management, I didn’t understand the importance of management.”  He reflects on his time signed to Violator saying “they had a bunch of big artists… I became a small fish in a big pond… I love Chris Lighty, (he) taught me a lot, (but) I needed Chris Lighty fifteen years ago… when he was a little  broker… when he didnt have 50 million in the bank.”

The Greatest Story Never Told will finally be told on February 15th, 2011.  The album features appearances by Bun B, Q-Tip, Marsha Ambrosius and Faith Evans.  The production will be handled by Just Blaze, Kanye West, Buck Wild and Red Spyda.