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Weird Science – Kik It! (Word to Bobby Simmons*)

BY Farragut Foster

ON November 9, 2010

After years of witnessing Apple eat away at it’s market share in the personal computer and Nintendo regain it’s place as America’s favorite console… Microsoft may finally have an ace in their hand…

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Last week Microsoft released it’s Kinect motion console, it’s answer to the Nintendo Wii, and so far it looks dope.

Kinect is an add-on for the existing Xbox 360. If you already have an Xbox, you can buy the Kinect for $150, or you can buy it with a four-gigabyte Xbox for $300.  The Kinect itself is a glossy, foot-wide, black plastic horizontal bar (pause) that you plug into your Xbox. It has four microphones and three little lenses: a video camera, an infrared projector and a distance sensor.

Together, these lenses scan the rooms not only for your location but the system tracks all 48 parts of your body in three-dimensional space. It doesn’t merely recognize that someone is there; it recognizes your face and body.

Shout out to Dual Shocker TV for this coverage, it features Larry “Major Nelson” Herb from Microsoft…

The Kinect comes with Kinect Adventures, a suite of five starter games….

20,000 Leaks is game that’s kind of like a virtual twister. There’s an extreme dodgeball game call called Rallyball, an obstacle game called Reflex Ridge, a Bubble poppin game called Space Pop, and a white water rafting game called River Rush. But you can purchase other games for under $50 bucks… there’s Dance Central, which is kinda like a Guitar Hero for your whole body, Fitness Evolved is an interactive fitness program, complete with cardio classes and personal training, and Kinect Sports, an obvious ripoff of Wii Sports, which offers Soccer, Bowling, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Table Tennis and Track & Field.

You should know, first of all, that the Kinect requires a lot of open space. You have to stand at least six feet away from the TV — preferably farther, especially if two people are playing. I’ve read that navigating the game settings can be pretty annoying and that the games have long load times, but the reviews I’ve read say that Microsoft has a huge hit on their hands and everyone very may be kinecting this Holiday season…

Speaking of connecting… for years iPhone users and Blackberry defectors has had to sit on the sideline and bitch that despite having apps that do everything from take your fingerprint to find your nearest gas station, the iPhone or Android was lacking a feature similar to Blackberry’s crown jewel — BBM or Blackberry Messenger.

Well bitch no more… Kik Messenger is here….

Kik is a cross platform / cross device messaging app modeled after BlackBerry Messenger where you send short messages to your contacts and other Kik Users… That means it offers near real-time messaging with an interface that actually looks nice, and is easy to use. Like BBM you can tell when someone has received and read a message so that means no more “Oh, I didn’t get it…” excuses. 

Now when you first install Kik, it is a bit scary.  That’s because when it’s downloaded to your Apple iPhone, Android or BlackBerry it will dip through your contact lists, emails, Facebook friends and Skypers and recommend contacts for you.

These users will also have to get the Kik Messenger app but then you’ll be able to send free messages to other users. Think of it as a free SMS or IM client.

Here’s his Ted Livingston founder of KIK and former intern for RIM the maker of Blackberry…

Kik Messenger is currently available in BlackBerry App World, Android Market and Apple’s App Store for free. iPhone and Android users, welcome to the party pals.

*If you didn’t get the Bobby Simmons reference, no worries just click here now.