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Chanita Foster (Football Wives) Tells Her Side

BY Angela Yee

ON November 8, 2010

Chanita Foster talks about her husband finding out he had a daughter after they were together. She loves her stepdaughter but admits there is some drama that comes along with that. Then Chanita addresses the tension between her and Pilar, and says that Pilar doesn’t talk to any of the Football Wives after filming wrapped:

“There’s a lot of sidetalk going on. I don’t know who her PR people is or if she’s just a wordplay jedi cuz she’s got this thing mastered…I could care less if Pilar left the bible study. My problem is she asked 5 people to leave with her…It really bothers me that she’s a wife but she doesn’t take up for wife issues. Deion just sat on the television and named about 8 injuries yet you say why am I crying they’re not going out to war. Well, here’s my reality: at some point I might have to push my husband in a wheelchair. At some point Deion can’t even walk straight. The man ride around the house in a scooter cuz their house is so big yet you say they’re not going off to war? I’m confused.”

She discusses not combing her hair and doing her makeup, stating that she has 6 kids to raise and she’s not concerned with her outer appearance. She says she can look like a 10 at any point if she had time outside of her kids and charities to invest in that.

Chanita discusses being hospitalized for dehydration. She had a caffeine overload, drinking 4 or 5 rockstars a day, 3 cups of coffee, no water and was taking weight loss drugs. She said Pilar was at the event when she fell out and still didn’t come visit her at the hospital or even call to check on her:

“On my worst day, if I don’t like someone and I know they have 6 kids and their husband’s not in town and they go to the hospital, my worst person, I’m gonna check up.”

Although Chanita can’t give too many details on why Mercedes exited the show, she did confirm there was an altercation but they have no beef now.

She says they did the show to explain that you’ve been bamboozled, hoodwinked if you think NFL players make a million dollars or more or that it’s all glitz and glamour.

Chanita admits she is embarrassed to answer the question, but she will be making more than her husband now that he is in the UFL. As far as her fellow castmember, Dawn, is concerned she wants to make sure the haters know Dawn is an educated attorney who chose to put her family before her career for the time being. Dawn’s husband, Ryan, never made a million dollars in the NFL and they have an autistic son and the NFL doesn’t cover those medical expenses.

Chanita reiterates that we shouldn’t reward our kids for losing, and sports is about winning and not about fun.

She ends the interview by saying:

“Don’t be bamboozled, don’t be tricked, and just cuz somebody is pretty or they live in a great house, and their husband’s names is such and such that don’t make them a good person.”