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The New Boyz Go Hollywood & Lose Computers

BY Angela Yee

ON November 4, 2010

The New Boyz had some fun with me in the morning. Legacy talks about how he got the mark on his neck (he claims a roach bit him), getting roasted by Mike Epps at the BET Hip Hop Awards, and the Mario Van Peebles movie they starred in “Where the Party At.” The guys had the opportunity to be on set with Snoop Dogg, and they discuss the long days on the set. Did they take acting classes? Listen to Ben J’s hilarious response:

The New Boyz address previous beefs and what they think of Lil B the Based God’s tweet to Kanye. Ben J is starring in and producing a movie called “The Function” which should be coming out in 2012. They both have their own record labels, and Legacy has already signed 18-year old Tory Lanes from Canada (Lanes is the kid who Justin Beiber stole the lyrics from his “Speaking in Tongues” freestyle from).

They confess to losing their new computers on the train, which had all kinds of beats and the whole album on there. When asked if everything was backed up, Legacy says it was BUT it was backed up on a hard drive that was on the train:

The guys talk about their big purchases: Ben J has 2 houses, a Camaro, and a new chain. Legacy, unfortunately, still doesn’t have his license but he did just buy a condo in Hollywood and studio equipment. Ben J confesses that he has naked pictures, sex videos, and all kinds of things on his computer that he hopes never comes out. They sympathize with Ryan Leslie, whose computer was recently stolen as well.