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Weird Science – Tough Act to Follow

BY Farragut Foster

ON October 20, 2010

Now I ain’t one to gossip, but let’s get some comic rumors out the way first…

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Part 1

Part 2

Last week it was announced that Tom Hardy — last seen “dreaming a little bigger” as part of Leonardo DiCaprio’s “dream-team” in Inception would be joining the cast of the upcoming Batman 3, the following up to the biggest grossing movie of 2008, The Dark Knight.

Now Batman Director, Christopher Nolan, is also the man behind Inception, and he ‘s been known be recycle his actors so this isn’t too big of a surprise.

The big speculation however is: which villain will Hardy by cast to play?  He’s pretty comfortable in the shoot’em role.. before Inception, he was in Black Hawk Down and Band of Brothers, but Nolan is known for asking his actors to stretch a little bit.

The biggest rumor is that Hardy will reprise the role of the Riddler.  We’ve already seen Batman face the Joker’s chaos, Two-Face’s corruption, and the Scarecrow’s deep-seated fears and insecurities — but we’ve yet to see The Batman handle an intellectual foe — one the Dark Knight must outsmart to defeat.

Now Nolan has also been known to give some of the lessor known characters some shine, so also on that short list of characters is Dr. Hugo Strange — psychologist that gets hired by Gotham City Police to help bring in Batman, but ends up becoming a villain as he studies him — and the Black Mask, a crime lord by night but business rival to Bruce Wayne by day.  Only Nolan knows for sure right now what direction he’s leaning… the only think for certain though is that he’s not telling.

Here’s some business news even Master Bruce would approve:

If you would have purchased Apple stock back in 2001, you would have paid about $10 per share… today those same shares cost more than $300 dollars per share — AND with news like THIS don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon:

Apple and Verizon just announced that they will wil teamed up to make the iPad available on Verizon’s nationwide wireless network.

Verizon will begin selling the iPad directly to customers on October 28th. Verizon is offering the Wi-Fi only, non-3G version of the device in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB editions, at $499, $599, and $699, respectively.

Until now, AT&T has had exclusive carrier rights to the iPad and iPhone. But, stinging from complaints about poor reception on the AT&T network, Apple appears ready to embrace Verizon as an alternative carrier. In addition to the iPad deal, it’s expected that Verizon will offer the iPhone 4 starting next year.

Since Apple introduced on April 3rd Apple has sold more than 2 million units in the first 80 days of availability. The iPad is so popular in fact that it is starting to eat away at personal computer sales. A research group recently released a survey that found 13% of iPad buyers would have purchased a PC had the iPad not been available. The iPad and Google Android-powered tablets are expected to be the hottest selling products of the upcoming holiday season. Along with the traditional retail outlets you’ll also be able to pick up an iPad at your local Best Buy, Wall Mart and Target.