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Sean Garrett Signs to the Roc, Debuts Remix

BY Angela Yee

ON October 18, 2010

Sean Garrett reveals that he just signed a deal with Roc Nation/Columbia Records even though he had been in talks with Young Money/Cash Money for some time. He says he’ll always be available to Cash Money, but as you know Jay-Z is the one who nicknamed him “the Pen.” Sean Garrett also says he didn’t have to sign a 360 deal, but he doesn’t see anything wrong if both parties have a vested interest. And seriously, with a discography like Sean’s, no wonder he didn’t have to!

And here’s the world debut of his “She Geeked” remix featuring Bussa Buss, Ludacris, and Twista. His mixtape “The Inkwell” is available for download now and the debut album is due out in 2011:

“She Geeked” rmx

The whole interview below:

Sean Garrett says nobody is excited about music anymore, and that everyone acts like they’re in the industry:

Sean Garrett talks about evolving as an artist and a big executive deal he has on the table. He discusses having to constantly prove himself as an artist after being a successful songwriter and producer, and all the mean people in the world who just get out of bed to hate:

Even though “Massive Attack” was nominated for a VMA with Nicki Minaj, the song isn’t going to make her album. He says you should live and die with your decisions:

“But at the end of the day, that’s what I do, I love great people. Me, I don’t do this sh*t for the fame. I don’t do it for ‘oh he hot now, I’m gonna f*ck with him’ or ‘she hot now, I’m gonna go f*ck with her.’ I don’t do that. I love the music, I do the sh*t for what’s hot, I wanna make the fans happy. I don’t stand beside a person because they’re blazing. I’m muthaf*ckin blazin, I stay blazing.”

The Pen continues to give praise to Usher for going through everything he went through, having heart, and still standing to have what it takes to be a superstar.