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Tech N9ne Talks Ecstasy

BY Scott A. Marlowe

ON October 5, 2010

Tech N9ne was a guest on Lip Service recently and was also featured on Friday Favorites. In the latest issue of XXL, Tech talks about almost dying from ecstasy and how a lot of big name rappers are on drugs.   T.I. got busted a few weeks back in L.A. for allegedly having ecstasy, not to mention he had it on him when he was arrested in 2007.  Lil’ Wayne plead guilty to drug charges earlier this year stemming from a 2008 arrest in Arizona in which police allegedly found ecstasy in his back pack.  

Here’s what Tech N9ne said, as told to Matt Barone.  

“I almost died of ecstasy.  They call me the Jim Morrison of rap, the Black Jim Morrison.  They thought they was gonna lose me to drugs – they were.  Fifteen pills in one night, fuckin’ around in L.A. Happy I was opening up for Cypress Hill… It was around [the release of my album] Absolute Power… Being in L.A. at that time, ecstasy comes by the bundle, if you know people.  People in the industry, some big names, fuck with drugs.  To almost die from dehydration [and then] write about it.  My music brought some crazy muthafuckas to my shows.  Like, “Tech, I was gonna commit suicide, but you got me through it”

Listen to Tech N9ne on Lip Service along with label mate Krizz Kaliko and Pill