Rocsi (106th And Park) Defends Waka Flocka

September 20, 2010

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Rocsi offered an explanation about what happened during the 106th and Park interview with Waka Flocka. She said she loves Waka, but suggests that he may need some media training:

“You know what it is, I’m sick and tired of people saying that a question is too hard. We need to have more media training like we used to have back in the day…cuz if i could ask another artist that same question, which I don’t think was a very difficult question, they’d be a little more prepared. Then people get mad, you’re dumbing down the audience, which devil’s advocate am I gonna play…You know why I like that interview because he didn’t give a f*ck, and he showed who he was. Be you, don’t be fake, be you.”

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