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  • Iron Mike Remakes Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step”

    I saw this yesterday on one of my favorite shows, SportsNation, via FunnyOrDie.  Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady remake the Bobby Brown classic “Every Little Step.”  Every Little Step with Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady from Mike Tyson

  • Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Phene

    Weigh In – Should Phene Quit His Day Job? BIO: Born on the West coast and raised in Central Pennsylvania, Zach Richards b.k.a. Phene has gone from fledgling emcee to an artist to watch. A transplant who has lived on both coasts and now calls Atlanta home, he used the vast experiences he gained growing […]

  • Drake Takes Manhattan

    It was 9pm… the lights turned low, the ladies started screaming, the band started playing  and out walked Drake; dressed in a camoflauge shirt and black pants. The sold out show from his Light Dreams & Nightmares tour went down last night (9/28) at Radio City Music Hall. In his first major headlining show in New York, Drake […]

  • G.O.O.D. Friday Recap (pt. 1)

    Kanye West has been on a mission the past couple of months.  After taking nearly a year off from music since the Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 VMA’s,  Kanye is back and has been delivering straight fire.  It started in June with the release of “Power”, the first single off his new still untitled album due out this fall.  […]

  • Weird Science – It’s About to Get Racial In this Piece

    UPDATE! – What a difference a day makes… Say hello to the Playbook. Apple started it with the successful release of their IPad and now it appears all the other tech companies are gearing up for WAR! *NOTE – The following story was recorded on Monday, September 27, 2010 before the launch of the Playbook. […]

  • Nike “Boom” Ads Owes T-Pain a Cheque

    Let’s face it… Rick Ross is that rapper everybody either loves to hate or hates to love. I mean there is a small niche that loves to loves, but hey… (kanye shrug). WIth that said Ross’s appearance in the Nike’s new “Boom” ad campaign by W + K has definitely caught Hip-Hop’s attention… either as […]

  • NEW MUSIC!! The Streets

    NICKI MINAJ “RIGHT THROUGH ME” [audio:] So this is one of those records that I knew was going to generate tons of opinions both positive and negative.  Yes it’s more of a mainstream sounding record but when you peep the verses Nicki is killin it without funny accents, weird noises etc and it shows the […]

  • Lloyd Banks Gets Personal At Yankee Stadium

    Lloyd Banks admits that he’s never had a girlfriend in his life and that he’s currently single. He says that most of the relationships he’s come across are based on lies, and offers some personal experiences. Banks says his music is his girlfriend and they’re getting married November 23rd when his album, “Hunger for More […]

  • Lyfe Jennings Sentenced To 3 1/2 Years In Prison

    Lyfe Jennings, who was recently a guest on Lip Service, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in connection with a 2008 domestic dispute in Georgia.  During the altercation, police said he broke down the door of the house where his former girlfriend and mother of his children were staying. They also […]

  • Boardwalk Empire: Where Outlaws Became Kings

    Back when I used to contribute more frequently to Team Yee, I posted a few blogs that talked about HBO’s new show “Boardwalk Empire.”  I’ve been waiting for a while for this show and it finally premiered last Sunday.   The show had been getting excellent reviews and the first episode did not disappoint.  “Boardwalk Empire” is set in Atlantic […]