Bokeem is Crazy

August 30, 2010

Filed Under: We Don't Believe You!

Actor (and I use that term loosely) Bokeem Woodbine was behaving slightly CR-azy at the Soho nightclub Greenhouse last Thursday night. Per witnesses and onlookers, Bokeem began going nutso after arguing with another person at the club. Once the bouncers jumped down on that ass he calmed down, only to began going crazy again. No, he wasn’t throwing money or drinks; his craziness consisted of repeating lines from movies he’s been in (Jason’s Lyric and Dead Presidents).

“You think I’m stupid? I ain’t in no hurry to go back to that cage! I know no one else around here believes in me, but I always thought that when it came down to it, you would”

Insanity at its best!