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El Debarge Lists His Regrets and Talks “Second Chance”

I was extra fanned out when El Debarge showed up for The Morning After. I love love love Debarge, so this was such a privilege. Let’s get to it!

He talks about his first deal at Motown, his “Second Chance” single, and the regrets that he has:

“I regret that I didn’t spend the time that I should have spent with my children because I was out there on drugs, I regret that I didn’t spend the time on stage and in the studio which is my responsibility, it was given to me by God when he gave me this gift of music. I regret all the time lost, but I thank God for this wonderful opportunity, this second chance that I have to leave all that behind and to move forward. I didn’t want to have to go to prison but I’m glad that God saw fit to rescue me, that’s what that was. I got my willpower back. It’s a wrap now, I’m in it to win it.”

Then El Debarge talks about how he ended up signing to Interscope, the Tv One “Unsung” episode on his family, and what his favorite song that someone sampled his music is.

Here’s “Second Chance.” He broke down in tears while singing this song for the first time. Still got it!


6 comments for “El Debarge Lists His Regrets and Talks “Second Chance””

  1. I’m with you Angela – LOVE, LOVE El – Debarge truly had something special – I’m glad to have so many good memories attached to Debarge songs!! Welcome back El! :)

    Posted by msgonzo10 | August 29, 2010, 1:33 pm
  2. Wow, does this sound scrumptious! I’m eager to try it.

    Posted by Chicken Recipes | November 9, 2010, 8:54 pm
  3. I’ve already complimented you but I’ll do it again here. Great job Angela in interviewing a legend. But if you get a second chance (no pun intended), I’m curious how long he’s been clean. Too I recently experienced an ex-sister-in-law being freed from her addiction after 15 or so years. What I immediately noticed was that she behaved much younger than she was. It was like she’d been asleep and having awakened from her addiction, life had remained the same as the age she got addiction. So instead of thinking and acting like a 50 year old she was like 20 or so. I saw Frankie (Keysha Cole’s mom) on Celebrity Rehab and the doctor confirmed this theory, that Frankie acted young because she awakened to the day/age she began her addiction. So of course my question to El is does he feel the same way? Does he still feel (and maybe even think) as young as he did when he was 25, the day he picked up his crack addiction?

    Posted by miamac | January 10, 2011, 11:52 am
  4. [...] [...]

    Posted by TeamYee.tv | El Debarge Checks Into Rehab | March 3, 2011, 7:07 pm
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