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Weird Science – “Here’s a free bumper now STFU.”

BY Farragut Foster

ON July 21, 2010

Antennagate…. That’s what the iPhone 4  antenna issue is being called…  And Steve Jobs came out sounding like a nerd disappointed that the teacher screwed up the curve on his last math exam.

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Instead of coming out with a simple:  “We screwed up, I screwed up.  Please accept my apologies.  Jobs went through a lame We’re not perfect, smartphones aren’t perfect routine… and continued to downplay the iPhone 4 troubles.”  Jobs claimed that  the antenna issues were blown out of proportion”, and whined that “after 34 years you’d think we would have earned some trust”.  But he did have some good news… anybody that purchased an iPhone 4 will be getting a free bumper guard.Regardless of the bad news Apple has sold more than 3 million iPhones to date and  According to Jobs, AT&T’s retail operation reports a 1.7% return rate for the iPhone 4-compared to a 6% return rate for the iPhone 3GS. He also said that the rate of dropped calls is actually only 1% percent higher for the iPhone 4. And more good news, those Facetime ads directed by Sam Mendes, the director of American Beauty have been killing it in the streets…

Check them out:

So finally something from the Jetsons cartoon is coming to life. We may not have Spacely Sprockets, robots or flying cars yet.. but video conferencing is here.

So like it or not the success of the iPhone 4 has everyone scrambling to make their own iPhone killer. You’ll remember that RIM tried twice with its Storm and Storm 2.  Now if you are one of the unlucky owners of either of those devices then you know that Blackberry failed miserably. The main problem being that blackberry users are usually enterprise users. So they use the email and messaging services for business. And well… you just can’t work as efficiently as you wanted to on those touch screen devices.

Well shout out to Reef the Streets who  (pause) tipped me off to this one… Rumor has it that’s where the new BlackBerry 9800  aka the Torch comes in.  It’s Blackberry’s yet to be released, yet to be confirmed touch-screen device that is said to have a full slide-out keyboard, along with a new operating system and revamped Web browser.  Now I couldn’t find any videos of the device on the when which means that RIM is keeping it under wraps, however, I did manage to come across this video from Japan, of two consumers using a Blackberry Slider phone which may an early version of the Torch….

All I got from that vid is that Craig David is still big in Japan:The expectations are that they’re going to want to get a new product out into the marketplace in time for September, because that is when you get the back-to-school and big consumer push.  I promise to keep you posted….