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NEW MUSIC!! The Streets

Cam’ron & Vado “Ayoo” ft. Young Dro
Hate him or love him Killa Cam seems to generate plenty of responses whenever we play one of his [...read more]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Lah-Kid

Weigh In – Should Lah-Kid Quit HIs Day Job?
“One of the humblest cat’s you will ever meet” are a few words said by manager Rico [...read more]

Author Aliya S King Talks “Platinum,” Tashera Simmons, Frank Lucas, Faith Evans, Mashonda & Timbaland

Author Aliya S King came by “The Morning After” and gave us some juicy behind-the-scenes stories from the journalism world. If you don’t know who [...read more]

Pontiac Silverdome Weed Convention

Someone called the show this morning talking about a weed convention at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan, and I definitely didn’t believe him. Well, I [...read more]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – SoundwaVVe

Weigh In – Should SoundwaVVe Quit Their Day Job?

Click below to listen to SoundwaVVe on the Morning After:
Here are SoundwaVVe’s submissions:
Touch Me

Wonder Mix Pick – Beats Beats Beats!!

This week I decided to give you the instrumental funk. So all aspiring producers take a listen to the work of the legendary Black [...read more]

Weird Science – It’s Hammer Time!!

San Diego’s annual pop-culture convention Comic Con wrapped up yesterday after four days of comic books, costumes, TV and movie previews.
[click below to listen, scroll [...read more]

Wonder Mix Pick – Andra “LoveIs4Suckaz”

This is our good friend Kerry “Krucial” Brothers’ artist Andra’s debut project. “LoveIs4Suckaz” features some verses from some heavyweights in the game including Drake, [...read more]

Weird Science – “Here’s a free bumper now STFU.”

Antennagate…. That’s what the iPhone 4  antenna issue is being called…  And Steve Jobs came out sounding like a nerd disappointed that the teacher screwed [...read more]

“The skinNY” Series: Pure Comedy!

OK, I HAD to post this, it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while and I really hope this is going to be a [...read more]