Don’t Quit Your Day Job – MAFfew

Weigh In – Should MAFfew Quit His Day Job?

Here are MAFfew’s submissions:

Where I’m From (featuring Master Ace)

Battle of Metropolis (Featuring DJ Clark Kent)

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11 Responses to “Don’t Quit Your Day Job – MAFfew”

  1. Choc City says:

    I like this guy. He should quit his day job. He’s nice. I would like to hear more!

  2. thatruth says:

    He shouldnt quit his day job. It funny how he’s pushing that old ass song w/Red & Talib and how he’s saying he was featured on the Co-op when he was actually in Cafe’s group the Co-op and got kicked out for being a snake. his snake ways always gonna come back and bite him.

  3. getoveritloser says:

    This guy might be the next big thing out of bville cause mop is nice but they a bunch of drug addicts who need a better direction

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  5. E-Class says:

    Love this guy…definitely quit your day job!!!

  6. eaglenest608 says:

    I agree…you need to quit your day job fo sho!!

  7. real talk says:

    dont quit ur day job nigga is trash you got no money and your not famous keep selling knock off bags in canal street loser

  8. citibanks says:

    the dude is hot & to the hater who said he got kicked off co-op do your homework ! how can u get kicked out of a group that was going no where! lmmfao! but yo homie u doing your thing minus the haters & cocksuckers!! quit your day job

  9. THATRUTH says:

    @citi. You need to do ur homework. I know the kid personally and the situation so take ur lips off his dick and stay out of grown folks business

  10. BigGrease says:

    he goin be da next one just becuz he brings a new style to da game its MAFFEW u goin blow my dude

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