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Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Kin Cash

BY Farragut Foster

ON June 23, 2010

Weigh In: Should Kin Cash Quit His Day Job?


Any artist that shows commitment, drive, and skill of his craft has to be acknowledged.

This Actor/Model/Rapper has started a movement through his music with the assistance of his grind team, “The Greenbackaz,” from coast-to-coast. Kin Cash epitomizes the definition of the “Real MC.” The delivery, the flow variation, as well as clever punch lines will have you wanting in on “THE KIN CASH MOVEMENT.” The movement is based on the belief that anything is possible when focused and determined to make your situation better. Kin Cash offers something very different to his craft, you’ll have to bear witness yourself for full comprehension. Whether at a live performance, or just kicking back, Kin Cash is poetry in motion.

With “The Greenbackaz” spread out across the continental U.S., Kin Cash holds the “key” to keeping you “locked in” for many years to come. After experiencing the lyrical flow of this artist, you, too, will be destined to join “THE KIN CASH MOVEMENT.”

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