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Basketball Wives: Matt Barnes Cheating?

BY Angela Yee

ON May 25, 2010

Jennifer Williams gives her weekly update about Basketball Wives. She discusses her husband cooking for her on the latest episode, and says that it makes her wonder what he did and why he was being nice because of his track record. Then she says that Vanessa Davis (the woman that has been stalking, emailing, posting online and hacking Evelyn’s email) didn’t know that Evelyn was going to be at lunch with Suzy, which was why she even showed up.

In regards to Gloria’s fiance, Matt Barnes, cheating on her according to a picture that was recently posted online, Jennifer says that picture is old because he doesn’t even have any of his tattoos.

“He actually had the nerve to think that it was one of us that sent the picture, which I don’t give a damn what he does. I know what Matt does so there’s no need for me to let the whole world know. If Gloria wants to think they have this perfect relationship she can go right ahead and think that.”