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Chopper Tells All: Diddy, Cash Money, Rap Chicks

BY Angela Yee

ON April 23, 2010

Chopper, Panama, and Bernice Burgos made their first appearances on Lip Service and Chopper gets in depth about his current label situation, what really happened at Bad Boy, and subsequently why things didn’t work out for him at Cash Money.

“Basically when Hurricane Katrina hit I was on the Russ Parr tour…I’m like Puff you know I’m on tour. I’m like damn bruh, you know help my family. He told me he was gonna help, he didn’t help… at that time I asked him for a certain amount of money, he told me he got me. He ain’t have it when I needed him to have it so I just basically said forget Bad Boy. But shout out to everyone from Bad Boy cuz they got my feet wet and got me where I needed to be… what happened was I had to buy myself out of the contract.”

Chopper said he had to pay half a million to get out of the contract, which was more than he ever made there. He has no beef with anyone there, and admits that he was young and didn’t know any better.

“It just taught me never put all your eggs in one basket.”

Chopper discusses why things didn’t work out for him at Cash Money, because he was sleeping with all of Weezy’s girls:

“I didn’t give a f*, he gave a f* cuz, he was getting all emotional cuz his b*tch chose me. I mean damn blood, why you mad at me though?”

Then Chopper goes on to talk about how he’s a groupie for Miley Cyrus and has a crush on her. In his defense, he wasn’t aware that she’s still only 17!

Chopper reveals one of the rap females he slept with:

“What happened was we was in the studio and we had to do a song together… we ain’t cool no more cuz Wayne messed that up. ..we was on the phone talking. Basically we were talking about all the girls we f*cked in the game. It was a private conversation ya dig, he mentioned, I mentioned Princess called me like, oh n*gga you told Wayne that you f*cked me…”

Then Chopper tells the nastiest groupie story that involves cereal with no milk, that you have to hear to believe! You’ll never look at frosted flakes the same…