Trey Songz Clears Up Rumors

Trey Songz never disappoints, and in our latest sitdown he dispels the gay rumors, pretty much confesses that he can make a woman squirt, discusses Toni Braxton, and reveals what he does to relax in his spare time. This guy’s a charmer!

13 Responses to “Trey Songz Clears Up Rumors”

  1. Shan says:

    Trey is a trip… and a truly freak lol

  2. Tiki says:

    Virgos and Cancers in a bed can make magic!

    • Jo'nell says:

      I would like to begg the differ,all it takes is a sexy yet thick chick, from da durty south…..seaport(savannah,ga) who is sure to make all kinds of sparks… really ,i can,your girl jo

  3. sexiilexii says:

    put the whole interview on!! i love when you interview him, angela!

  4. Nichole says:

    Trey songz is too sexy to be gay

  5. Diana McCloud says:

    Damn Trey is so damn crazy!!! But i love him an i love his music!! he’s just so damn fine!!!!!

  6. taija says:

    trey songs is my fave male singer he is yhe sexiest artist out here so far .luv ya trey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  7. antwan says:

    he is bi not gay that my he said that he is not gay hello he is bi he like girl and boy

  8. Tamea White says:

    he so sexy i wish i could meet him in person…

  9. neshia says:

    trey is an amazing person && i never met him before but i kno for an fact that he is not gay… he kno he can make a gurl squirt and he makes my panties wet wen i hear him sing

  10. teffd says:


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