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Waka Flocka: Smarter Than You Thought

BY Angela Yee

ON February 25, 2010

Waka Flocka Flames talks about having been in love, getting cheated on, and going through his ex-girlfriend’s phone. He explains how Gucci Mane gave him his name and jumpstarted his career. Then, of course, he has to explain his controversial statements regarding “dictionary rap” and that he doesn’t have to prove himself to nobody!

Yes, that’s right, Waka Flocka is originally from NYC before he moved down south. He describes his upbringing with his mom and grandmother, and the absence of his father from his life. He also says he won’t get at someone on a track if they talk about him, he’ll punch ‘em in the face.

Then we get into what happened during the shooting and his friend who was with him when it went down. He hasn’t spoken to his former boy since:

“He froze up…I’ll never talk to him a day in my life. Ever… Dead ass serious, ever! You act like a wolf, you talk like a wolf, but then when another wolf comes you act like a sheep. Man, you lame. He saying, I didn’t expect you to do that. That’s what he told everybody. He didn’t expect me to fight? What you want me to do, lay down and get shot. Hell no! I’d rather die trying, than close my eyes and turn this way.”

We find out that Waka Flocka’s first video set he went to was “Ice Cream” (how ironic) and that he doesn’t really watch porn or like strip clubs too much. He also said because of doctor’s orders he couldn’t have sex for about 2 months after he was shot.

We talk about his near-death experience and how it has affected his life but he says he would rather get shot again than jumped. Waka says what he would be doing if he wasn’t an artist and reveals his past day jobs at Burger King and Fresh Express in the freezer. He breaks down the advantages of owning a halfway house and other real estate.