Mama I Wanna Ring – Episode 1

Remember this?

Mama I Want to Sing was supposed to be released 2 years ago starring Ciara. It was suppose to be her “Dream Girls” project.

Damn, Ci-Ci… Well to fill the void, my writing partner, Daniel Bradley Roy, and I wrote this radio drama that debuted today on the Morning After. If you remember some of our past work from the Cipha Sounds Effect (CSI Episode 1: Choked Out or CSI Episode 2: The Case of the Missing Pussy were classic!) then you know we get straight Lone Ranger with our sh*t. Angela Yee stars as Mamma, along with some other known and not so known friends of the show. For every girl dreaming of getting impregnated by a star so that the child support will change your life. This one’s for you!

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5 Responses to “Mama I Wanna Ring – Episode 1”

  1. Kizzl says:

    Low Key…the first episode sucked. Bad acting…hope ya’ll get it 2gether

  2. Dan Roy says:

    Yeah, I think we might hold auditions for our next show. If anyone out there thinks they’d be a good fit, you can email your acting/voice over resume to and we’ll be in contact for our next one. If you don’t have a resume you can send a link to a youtube clip you’re in for us to consider. Thanks for listening.

  3. Lakey Lake says:

    The premise of the show is so funny that it doen’t matter if the acting is bad. And actually to stay consistent with the premise, the acting actually should stay sub par at best. Keep it going!!!! Love ya show!!! :o)

  4. [...] here to listen to Episode 1 to catch [...]

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