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Weird Science – WIN a FREE MAC TABLET!!

BY Farragut Foster

ON January 26, 2010

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“Come see our latest creation…”

Those are the words on the invitations sent out from Apple for its special event to go down this Wednesday, January 27th.

Now Apple keeps secrets better than the former Soviet KGB, so no one knows for sure what the big announcement will be, but all rumors indicate that Apple will plan to finally unveil its Tablet PC. Apple has been developing a Tablet PC since the 80’s but have scrapped all of its previous attempts for one reason or another (peep the time line below courtesy of Rumor has it though that this Wednesday the company will finally pop this cherry.

So here’s what we know so far:

It’s rumored that the tablet will be a supersized iPod touch with a 10-inch diagonal screen that may cost between $700 and $1,000, placing it somewhere in between an iPhone and a MacBook. In addition to playing music and video, it will have a browser, Wi-Fi, the ability to run Web applications and probably an option to connect through a wireless phone network. Verizon has already confirmed that it’s wireless data network will connect to a soon to be released apple device when users are out of range of a Wi-Fi hotspot. Rumor has it that deal however will not be exclusive, meaning that multiple mobile carriers will connect with the yet to be confirmed device.

Some speculate that the Mac’s Tablet could be the ultimate remote control for your digital media. With photo, music and video collections scattered throughout home networks, devices and online sites nowadays… many are imagining an apple universal remote that serves as a hub to handle all of this content. Rumors say that the device may also be an e-reader for reading digital magazines, newspapers and perhaps books. People have been waiting for other so-called e-readers to get color screens and better multimedia features and this may be the answer to their prayers. A recent report from The Wall Street Journal adds that Apple will market the tablet as a product that can be shared among multiple people at home or in classrooms, thanks to its bigger screen.

But the big question remains: what will Apple call its tablet? The top running names include iSlate, MagicSlate, iGuide and iPad. Apple has apparently filed for trademarks for each of those names. The world will find out on Wednesday! 50 Gs says it’s called the Mac Tab and it retails for $900.

Sike Yo Mind!!