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Don't Quit Your Day Job

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Dejuan Turrentine


Weigh in – Should Dejuan Turrentine Quit His Day Job?


There are some artists that we are naturally drawn to. No matter the topic of the song we find ourselves bobbing our heads and singing the lyrics as if we wrote them ourselves. DeJuan Turrentine is one of those artists and one who is soon to have the hearts of young and older fans alike. A California native and the nephew of the great jazz saxophonist Stanley Turrentine, the 24 year old, soon to be sensation has been around music his entire life. From the earliest memories of Jazz and R & B to later bumping’ sounds of Hip-Hop with his brother’s group “Quo” who were once signed to Michael Jackson’s label MJJ; he has grown up learning the trade, watching and waiting for his turn to show the world what he can do. Relishing in the music industry since day one DeJaun is ready for stardom and groomed for success.

As a young-teen DeJuan attended various acting, schools, landing him national leads for top companies including: Sprite and Reebok .With his leading man looks, he also had dominant roles in the Milos Forman/Norman Lear feature film “Way Past Cool”, the Leslie Small “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and the Paramount Pictures film “Down To the Last Minute.” Acting, modeling, song writing and recording are all loves of DeJuan, but his true passion is recording and performing live in concert. Since the age of four , he has been entertaining at churches, high schools, beauty pageants and Black Expos gaining praise everywhere he went.

Reflecting on his past experiences in the music industry DeJuan knows that he is blessed to have made it this far. “I’ve been through the blood, sweat and tears of this industry and still I stand,” Dejuan reflects. Having two record deals fall through, he has been inches away from the success that is without a doubt calling his name.

DeJuan has been influenced by artists spanning R&B, Pop and country music including: Patti Labelle, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Garth Brooks and Whitney Houston. While he has yet to be seen on the music scene, he has certainly been a behind the scenes writing for top icons Usher and Whitney Houston to name a few. The songs written by DeJuan, show he is multi talented, possesses a smooth vocal style matched with dynamic range. With his stunning good looks, hypnotic voice, electrifying dance style and his off-the-hook charisma, this star is ready to shine.

Writing is not the only talent he possesses, a classically trained pianist Dejuan is a true musician. Along with his brother Dejuan has also mastered the art of production. Blaque Roze, the duo’s production company is currently working on the first single for new artist J Blue featuring Snoop Dogg, signed to Universal and Lil Jon’s new album amongst others.

Aside from the music, the lyrics, and the eagerness of Dejuan. It is his winning attitude that makes all the difference in how fans will grow to love him. In today’s society it is safe to say that many people enter the game for the wrong reasons. Dejuan’s reasons are simple “I love music; it’s apart of who I am.”

Such a heart, such a writer, such a talent is the man, the artist soon to be music sensation Dejuan. So get ready world here he comes, he is sure to be added to the influence list of artists to come and the hot list of fans everywhere.

Click below to listen to Dejuan Turrentine’s submissions:

Robotic Love REMIX feat. Wyclef

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Bad Habit

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*BONUS* Dejuan recently composed the following song for Haiti… since we were late with his post we’d figure we’d give him a little extra promotion. Enjoy!


4 comments for “Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Dejuan Turrentine”

  1. Is this Tevin Campbell’s little brother?

    Posted by Destro The BIgga Figga | January 25, 2010, 5:39 pm
  2. You are a very talented young man . God has given you a beautiful gift . I loved your character , in A Good Man is hard to find . When I saw you , I thought you were older , but with God age doesn’t matter . Listen stay on course,
    there will be so many people , that will try to get to take, an off ramp to God’s plans for your life . Trust me I know , it has happened to me a couple of times . This time it is different , I am staying in God’s will for my life . God Bless you and agape to you (God’s love).
    Yours In Christ,
    Nicole Crute

    Posted by Nicole Crute | April 25, 2010, 9:01 pm
  3. This looks amazing! I cannot wait to make this recipe.

    Posted by Oven Roasted Potatoes | November 9, 2010, 8:32 pm
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