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  • Mama I Wanna Ring – Episode 1

    Remember this? Mama I Want to Sing was supposed to be released 2 years ago starring Ciara. It was suppose to be her “Dream Girls” project. Damn, Ci-Ci… Well to fill the void, my writing partner, Daniel Bradley Roy, and I wrote this radio drama that debuted today on the Morning After. If you remember […]

  • Friday Favorites With Joe Budden

    Joe Budden blesses us with a few of his favorite things… Favorite Rapper: “Me” Favorite Singer: “Prince” Favorite Album: “Mine” (Self-titled debut album) Favorite Drink: “Coffee” Favorite Sport: “Baseball” Favorite Team: “Yankees/Giants” Favorite Actor: “Denzel Washington” Favorite Movie: “Silence Of The Lambs” Favorite TV Show: “Law & Order” Favorite Food: “Pussy” Bonus: Joe Budden was […]

  • Apache’s “Gangsta Bitch” Jeanette Branch Speaks

    In honor of Apache, who recently passed away, we had a phoner with the “gangsta bitch” from the popular song and video from the 90’s. Jeanette Branch talks about auditioning for the role, her experience with Apache, and what she’s up to now. Currently she’s a Hollywood actress, starring in the only film based on […]

  • Gimme A Break – Season 3 Week 3 (Friend or Foe?)

    “Gimme a Break” is our weekly Rap Reality Radio show. If you missed the season premiere of Season 3 click here. It was all good just a week ago but apparently a lot can happen in 7 days. Both artists do an excellent job of promoting themselves. The problem is neither of them likes playing […]

  • Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Poe Picasso

    Weigh in – Should Poe Picasso Quit His Day Job? BIO: Messianic (mes•si•an•ic) Adj. 1. Relating to the belief that someone or something will bring about a complete transformation of the existing social order. In this time of need, we will all look to one, Poe Picasso. In hip-hop’s darkest hour, He brings truth to […]

  • Weird Science – WIN a FREE MAC TABLET!!

    Sike Yo Mind! But read below and you may learn something or click here to hear music to your ears. [audio:http://teamyee.tv/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/mactab.mp3] “Come see our latest creation…” Those are the words on the invitations sent out from Apple for its special event to go down this Wednesday, January 27th. Now Apple keeps secrets better than the […]

  • NEW MUSIC!! The Streets

    BUN B “HIT DAT LICK” [audio:http://teamyee.tv/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Bun-B-Hit-Dat-Lick-MP3WAXX.mp3] A banging new joint from the legendary Port Arthur, Texas native. Hard to believe how many years Bun has been in the game yet he has not lost a bit of mic skills and is remians relevant.  I think he belongs on my cherished slept-on MC’s list.  Be on […]

  • Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Dejuan Turrentine

    Weigh in – Should Dejuan Turrentine Quit His Day Job? BIO: There are some artists that we are naturally drawn to. No matter the topic of the song we find ourselves bobbing our heads and singing the lyrics as if we wrote them ourselves. DeJuan Turrentine is one of those artists and one who is […]

  • Friday Favorites With Waka Flocka Flames

    After the unfortunate shooting earlier this week of Waka Flocka Flames, I decided now was as good of time as any to post his Friday Favorites. I caught up with him a couple weeks ago when he was in New York. He was actually the first artist I interviewed for Friday Favorites. I was holding on to it for […]

  • “Gangsta Rap Ain’t Dead B*tch”

    Today we had two of the ’10 Freshman Class on The Morning After. Freddie Gibbs and Jay Rock decided to tag-team the mic (pause) and give us a classic freestyle. Listen Below: [audio:http://teamyee.tv/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/FreddieGibbs.Jay-Rock.mp3]

  • Dame Dash is a Smarty Art Type Nukka

    You can spend hours at 172 Duane Street, in Tribeca, and still have no clue what’s going on here. People come and go at all hours. A thick cloud of pot smoke makes you think you’ve wandered into a building on fire with a stereo cranked at full blast. Sometimes the four-story warehouse is a […]

  • NEW MUSIC!! The Streets

    HAVOC “THAT’S HOW YOU FEEL” FEAT. NYCE AND CORY GUNZ [audio:http://teamyee.tv/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Havoc-Nyce-Cory-Gunz-Thats-How-You-Feel-Remix.mp3]  A new offering from Hav’s upcoming mixtape album “The Most Infamous – The Free P Edition” shows Hav unappreciated lyrical and beat making skills.  Hopefully Prodigy will be home soon which will allow Mobb Deep to get back to the business of making some […]