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Weird Science: Kid Games Make Big Money

BY Farragut Foster

ON November 23, 2009

Above is the commercial for the video game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2″ which is blasting its way into entertainment history.

The video phenom scored record sales of five hundred and fifty million dollars in its first five days… that tops the previous video record set by Grand Theft Auto of just over five hundred million dollars. Modern Warfare went on sale on November 10th and immediately started shattering records. The game pulled $310 million in the US and UK alone within the first 24 hours… which makes it the biggest entertainment launch in history. The games success has eclipsed the box office records set by films in the Harry Potter franchise and The Dark Knight. Modern Warfare is a first person shooter game that lets gamers play as elite soldiers hunting down targets around the Globe… the game picks up five years after the previous installment.

For those of you looking for a more classic feel, Super Mario Bros Wii just hit stores. It has all of the features you loved from the originals especially the 2D side scroll and it also has a few new features such as a competitive and cooperative gameplay mode.

And speaking of competition, I’ve got a real life clash of the Titans for you…

News Corp and Microsoft are teaming up to take on Google. Newscorp, the company behind Myspace & Fox, as well as newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, the Sun and Barrons, says that it is considering requesting that Google remove and links to it’s news content from it’s search engine. News Corp says that it would instead feature its stories on Microsofts BING search. The goal of this whole thing is to help News Corp make money from its newspaper content online.

Here is the man behind the machine, Rupert Murdoch…

And on a final note, anyone hoping to get a Barnes and Noble’s new electronic reader in time for the holidays is out of luck. Barnes and nobles said pre-orders for the Nook has exceeded expectations and the e-reader is sold out through Christmas… Anyone who orders the Nook won’t get it until Jan 4th at the earliest… As long as there is a demand though, the man will supply… so expect the Nook to appear on the black market and on Ebay sites any minute now for a considerable markup… case in point.

It’s only fair. It’s the American way.