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Ghostface Reads Ghost Stories

Happy almost Halloween everyone! Listen to Uncle Ghostface tell a ghost story from Jimmy Kimmel last night.


I just finished creating a remix album along with my F.EDS crew all in time for Halloween!!
Welcome To Santa Carla: The Lost Boys Soundtrack [...read more]

Try Again Gucci

Check out Gucci’s Sobriety P.S.A. Are you convinced?

We don’t believe you!

Scottie Pippen & Clyde Drexler – Give & Go

Yesterday, we had Clyde Drexler and Scottie Pippen on the show to promote the start of the new NBA season. These dudes were mad [...read more]

Eminem, Black Thought & Mos Def Cypher!

Leave your comments below about who killed it harder than who. Frankly, I don’t give a f*ck. Congrats BET, I can’t speak on [...read more]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Billy Roadz

WEIGH IN: Should Billy Roadz Quit his day job?
The Hip-Hop culture has manifested itself through music, dance, and fashion among other facets. For Newark [...read more]

DJ Hero Train Wrecks

Activision’s new game DJ Hero comes out today and despite what the gaming company hoped for, it looks like it will be nowhere near as [...read more]

Bone Thugs and Omarion Get Serviced

Lip Service was high-larious last night with Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh N Bone all in the studio (Bizzy is in some [...read more]

NEW MUSIC!! The Streets 10/22/09


Reef’s take:
New heat the Curtis we know and love.  For those that didn’t want to “have a baby” here’s the gutter [...read more]

Saudi Journalist Gets 60 Lashes for Talking Sex

According to CNN, Saudi Arabian female journalist, Rosanna Al-Yami was sentenced to 60 lashes recently after a man appeared on her talk show, A Thick [...read more]