October 2009

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    I just finished creating a remix album along with my F.EDS crew all in time for Halloween!! Welcome To Santa Carla: The Lost Boys Soundtrack Remix Album takes all original samples from The Lost Boys Soundtrack and flips them into new remixes. All the tracks were created by me, DJ db, and DJ Schuller. Download […]

  • Try Again Gucci

    Check out Gucci’s Sobriety P.S.A. Are you convinced? We don’t believe you!

  • Scottie Pippen & Clyde Drexler – Give & Go

    Yesterday, we had Clyde Drexler and Scottie Pippen on the show to promote the start of the new NBA season. These dudes were mad fun and pretty much down to talk about anything. Some of the topics we covered: – Which Team Angela Should Root For – Their Distaste For Kobe’s Snitching On Shaq – […]

  • Eminem, Black Thought & Mos Def Cypher!

    Leave your comments below about who killed it harder than who. Frankly, I don’t give a f*ck. Congrats BET, I can’t speak on the production quality of the awards show because I didn’t see it, but it was dope that you managed to get these three dudes together for a cypher.

  • Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Billy Roadz

    WEIGH IN: Should Billy Roadz Quit his day job? BIO – The Hip-Hop culture has manifested itself through music, dance, and fashion among other facets. For Newark native Billy Roadz, his love for Hip-Hop began with break dancing. But during junior high school, flocking to the neighborhood record shop for a daily dose of rap […]

  • DJ Hero Train Wrecks

    Activision’s new game DJ Hero comes out today and despite what the gaming company hoped for, it looks like it will be nowhere near as popular as its rock ‘n roll counterpart, Guitar Hero. According the analyst firm Cowen & Company, DJ Hero is already suffering from lack of interest. “On DJ Hero, despite some […]

  • Bone Thugs and Omarion Get Serviced

    Lip Service was high-larious last night with Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh N Bone all in the studio (Bizzy is in some sort of court ordered rehab). The Bone brothers (Yikes!) talked about who is the best brawler in the group, how they perfected their new bar-for-bar style on their upcoming album, […]

  • NEW MUSIC!! The Streets 10/22/09

    50 CENT “CRIME WAVE” [audio:http://teamyee.tv/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/50_Cent-Crime_Wave-_Dirty_-2dope.mp3] Reef’s take: New heat the Curtis we know and love.  For those that didn’t want to “have a baby” here’s the gutter shit ya need for the treadmill, or the whip to get ya screwface on.  50’s BISD hits stores Nov. 23rd. Callers take: Callers were very happy with this […]

  • Saudi Journalist Gets 60 Lashes for Talking Sex

    According to CNN, Saudi Arabian female journalist, Rosanna Al-Yami was sentenced to 60 lashes recently after a man appeared on her talk show, A Thick Red Line, and boasted about his sex life. As for the guy who was bragging on his pee-pee, he was sentenced to 1,000 lashes and five years in prison. This […]

  • OJ da Juiceman Talks Booing and his new life

    This morning we sat down with OJ da Juiceman. As much as people criticize, I’ve always liked this guy. I feel like Soulja Boy had to face the same kinds of issues when his first album came out. It’s always nice to see someone progress in life, and if you hear what he went through […]

  • Dawn Addresses Diddy Rumors

    Dawn calls The Morning After to give away her Danity Kane comic to our listeners and of course, we address the rumors about her dating Diddy: “If you stand next to him you’re dating. It’s getting a little old for me… But what’s crazy to me is that people saw my comeup. They saw when […]