S.W.A.G. stands for STUFF WE ALL GET!!

August 28, 2009

Filed Under: BeautYEEful


We just launched the Swag Segment on “The Morning After” with myself and Ms Bourgeoisie. Please note that swag in this case means free stuff, because who doesn’t want some party bag swag? We set it off with New Era, and gave away 5 hats on the show. It wasn’t that easy though; we asked people to come up with ideas for a New Era cap design. Amazing ideas, but nothing tops Ms Bourgeoisie’s Swarovski crystals idea (um, yeah).

Listen to some of the extremely creative and perhaps horrifying (neon lights?) design possibilities and then log on to Concept 59 Fifty to get contest rules and register your creation to win.

And because we love you, we have 5 more hats to give away on this very site. Post your ideas here and we’ll pick the 5 that stand out the most, then email you to get your mailing address and hat size. SWAG!