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Esso vs. Patrice O’neal – Jokes on who?

BY Farragut Foster

ON August 24, 2009

Every Wednesday, on the Morning After w/ Angela Yee we have a segment called “Gimme A Break” were we feature two up and coming rappers trying to break into the music industry.  Our last season featured Reece Steele and Billy Ray.  This season features Harlem rapper Esso and Vibe’s #1 Stan contest winner, Daphya.

The last couple of weeks have been huge for Esso.  His Michael Jackson inspired “Off the Wall” mixtape has been received to rave reviews and his release party was a smash.  It’s understandable therefore that Esso would swagger up to the show pumped and ready to celebrate his progress.

Things went a little left however when comedian and friend of the show, Patrice O’neal, dropped in to say hello and got distracted by Milani Rose, the video vixen from Esso’s “Don’t Stop” video.  Patrice was clearly more interested in flirty with Milani in anything Esso had to say.

ESSO on “Gimme A Break” w/Milani Rose Week 5 (Part 3) from stupid GENIUS on Vimeo.

Round 1 definitely went to Patrice.  In the second part after some pretty dope freestyles Angela gives Esso an opportunity for some get back.  Angela asks Esso to record a diss track about Patrice.   Patrice quips that it’s  a shame that Esso “is about to become a celebrity based on disrespecting him.  The sexy Milani couldn’t do it and Michael Jackson couldn’t do it…”

ESSO on “Gimme A Break” w/Milani Rose Week 5 (Part 4) from stupid GENIUS on Vimeo.

So one week after the challenge was issued, Esso did not dissapoint.  Here is Esso’s diss song: Death of Patrice

I’m pretty sure this won’t escalate into another East Coast / West Coast beef, so who are you rollin’ with The Rapper or The Comedian?


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