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  • New Music!! The Streets – 8/31/09

    Last week I featured the following songs… DRAKE “FOREVER” FT. KANYE WEST, LIL WAYNE & EMINEM [audio:] Reef’s take: A pretty sick line up here over a banging track by Boi Wonda. I know Eminem is my boss and all but he ripped his verse to shreds! Well done Marshall Callers take: The track got […]

  • Chris Brown’s first interview – with Larry King

    So Chris Brown has finally done his first interview following the February 8 incident with Rihanna. Thanks to Sowmya at ICED Media for the link. We’ll also find out soon enough whether or not he’s in trouble for violating his probation by going to the nightclub “Guys and Dolls” in West Hollywood. After all, he’s […]

  • S.W.A.G. stands for STUFF WE ALL GET!!

    We just launched the Swag Segment on “The Morning After” with myself and Ms Bourgeoisie. Please note that swag in this case means free stuff, because who doesn’t want some party bag swag? We set it off with New Era, and gave away 5 hats on the show. It wasn’t that easy though; we asked […]

  • Lil Boosie Talks About His Upcoming Trial

    Lil Boosie showed up to “The Morning After” in a rather somber mood. Even though he’s in town promoting his new album “Superbad: The Return of the Bad Azz” dropping September 15, he has other things on his mind. The main thing is the tracking device strapped around his ankle, which is a constant reminder […]

  • Hot Games w/ Lainie Speiser & Nicki Minaj

    I know a lot of people are into role-playing, and it’s something I still haven’t tried. Thankfully, Penthouse magazine columnist and author Lainie Speiser was on the show this morning with her latest book, “Hot Games for Mind-Blowing Sex: Erotic Fantasies You and Your Partner Can Try at Home.” She lists (complete with visuals) some […]

  • Don’t Quit Your Day Job – The Doppelgangaz

    WEIGH IN – Should The Doppelgangaz Quit their Day Job? BIO: From parts unknown dwell the ghastly duo. Matter ov Fact (emcee) & EP (emcee/producer) were sent down to earth as the last two descendants of The Rap Lords. After word spread of their rugged sound, multi platinum producer Darrell “Digga” Branch quickly caught wind […]

  • Esso vs. Patrice O’neal – Jokes on who?

    Every Wednesday, on the Morning After w/ Angela Yee we have a segment called “Gimme A Break” were we feature two up and coming rappers trying to break into the music industry.  Our last season featured Reece Steele and Billy Ray.  This season features Harlem rapper Esso and Vibe’s #1 Stan contest winner, Daphya. The […]

  • NEW MUSIC!! The Streets 8/24/09

    This week I featured the following songs… DONNIS “OVER DO IT” [audio:] Reef’s take: World premiere from a new artist outta Atlanta but his style and sound are a bit of a departure from the Gucci’s, Jeezy’s and OJ’s. No disrespect to them however as they are doing their thing but Donnis is definitely talented […]

  • Joe explains why he walked out on Lip Service

    By now, a lot of people have heard the interview we did with Joe and Chico DeBarge on Lip Service. I could only hope that Joe wasn’t too offended by our questions, and I was confused by his reaction when he broke out mid-questioning. We even thought he was joking! Today I saw this article […]

  • Tattoos Gone Wrong: Amber Rose, JD, Brandy, and Nas

    I always say that it’s a terrible idea to get your significant other’s name tattooed on your body. Call me a pessimist, but the odds are things won’t work it and you’ll be stuck with a permanent reminder of someone you would rather forget. Here are just a few examples: Brandy had Quentin Richardson’s face […]

  • Raekwon and Snoop from The Wire – No Homo!

    Raekwon co-hosted on The Morning After and helped interview Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from “The Wire.” Most recently, Snoop released her memoirs entitled “Grace After Midnight” and has been working on her music career, with a new song “It’s A Stick Up” featuring Tony Yayo. Snoop is also openly gay and reveals some of the things […]

  • EXCLUSIVE!! Major Lazer x Sean Paul x Team Yee Remix!!

    We had Sean Paul as a guest the other day on The Morning After and Emoticon had a great idea to try to get him on one of our favorite Major Lazer tracks “Pon De Floor.” He was ready to kill it as soon as we played the beat for him and what you have […]