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New Music!! The Streets – 8/31/09

Last week I featured the following songs…
Reef’s take:
A pretty sick line up here over a banging track [...read more]

Chris Brown’s first interview – with Larry King

So Chris Brown has finally done his first interview following the February 8 incident with Rihanna. Thanks to Sowmya at ICED Media for the [...read more]

S.W.A.G. stands for STUFF WE ALL GET!!

We just launched the Swag Segment on “The Morning After” with myself and Ms Bourgeoisie. Please note that swag in this case means free [...read more]

Lil Boosie Talks About His Upcoming Trial

Lil Boosie showed up to “The Morning After” in a rather somber mood. Even though he’s in town promoting his new album “Superbad: The [...read more]

Hot Games w/ Lainie Speiser & Nicki Minaj

I know a lot of people are into role-playing, and it’s something I still haven’t tried. Thankfully, Penthouse magazine columnist and author Lainie Speiser was [...read more]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – The Doppelgangaz

WEIGH IN – Should The Doppelgangaz Quit their Day Job?
From parts unknown dwell the ghastly duo. Matter ov Fact (emcee) & EP (emcee/producer) were sent [...read more]

Esso vs. Patrice O’neal – Jokes on who?

Every Wednesday, on the Morning After w/ Angela Yee we have a segment called “Gimme A Break” were we feature two up and coming rappers [...read more]

NEW MUSIC!! The Streets 8/24/09

This week I featured the following songs…
Reef’s take:
World premiere from a new artist outta Atlanta but his style and sound are a [...read more]

Joe explains why he walked out on Lip Service

By now, a lot of people have heard the interview we did with Joe and Chico DeBarge on Lip Service. I could only hope [...read more]

Tattoos Gone Wrong: Amber Rose, JD, Brandy, and Nas

I always say that it’s a terrible idea to get your significant other’s name tattooed on your body. Call me a pessimist, but the [...read more]