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Raekwon + Snoop + Angela Yee = *&!@^#

BY Angela Yee

ON July 30, 2009


I had the great opportunity to sit down with Shallah Raekwon to discuss his “Only Built for Cuban Links II” album and we got into everything… and then some. The extremely entertaining interview is below, and it gets even crazier when Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from HBO’s “The Wire” joins in the conversation. So get ready for Rae’s candid opinions on RZA, the “8 Diagrams” album, some classic moments in Wu history, his feelings on homosexuality, and the Wu mansion. Oh, and best believe he still plans to release that Shaolin vs Wu-Tang album!

On RZA vs Wu-Tang Clan with the “8 Diagrams” album:
“Rza’s a cocky dude when it comes to his production, feeling like all the shit he did in the game, but we told him you can’t win every f*cking war so we had a lot of issues about that, paper issues… when we come together we take a pay cut… I sacrificed my time and my project I pushed y’all off another year to get involved with that but I felt like I was doing it out of respect for the family- plus I knew everybody wanted to see Wu-Tang come back together. I wanted to see it come back together like that but the music wasn’t where we wanted it to be and dudes wasn’t really saying nothing about it.”

On the Wu’s humble beginnings in the rap game:
“I remember getting $50, $60 a show. Overall we had many nights that we had to sleep in the little dirty van that RZA had back then, he had a dirty ol’ minivan that we would take up to Connecticut or Albany… we were just happy to be heard or seen… we weren’t thinking about money we was thinking about respect.”

On the Joe Budden/Method Man beef:
“I’m involved with it and I really don’t give a f*ck about it cuz I know it ain’t time for the getdown. My thing is I’m trying to get y’all this album. This is more important to me, my career first and foremost and whatever that is that’s between them ni**as. They gonna do whatever they gonna do.”

On RZA taking advantage (financially) of the situation:
“Us as muthaf*ckin’ black people, sometimes we get greedy man, and I think that there was a lot of shit that we were just doing for love and he was really doing for capitalism for his world. And I can’t take nothing away from a ni**a who came and got ni**as from off the street but at the same time don’t rob me because if I catch you being a robber you liable to get your hands and feet chopped off on some Hades sh*t.”