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Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Concise Flo

BY Team Yee

ON July 28, 2009


WEIGH IN – Should Concise Flo Quit His Day Job?


Observance is the sweetest pay off. Illinois born, Samuel X (Gray) grew up on the West side by way of the West Suburbs of Chicago. Motivated musically by Nas, GangStarr, Common, and Rakim- what else can you expect from this Chi-town rapper. One of the few artists who “think before he speaks,” Concise Flo will always deliver the truth. Although he has always loved hip-hop, rapping was not an option in the Tennessee State University graduate’s career path. “It started off with spoken word for several years. I never wanted to be a rapper, but I loved hip-hop and loved artists that loved delivering lyrics with substance. But I just could not see myself rapping.” It’s amazing that Concise Flo only began rapping in the latter end of 2006. “Roget’s Thesaurus states that Concise is stating much in few words. It implies clarity and compactness removing all unnecessary words. I’m a brotha that doesn’t like to speak unless I really have something to say. In music it’s the same. I don’t ever wish to do a song unless the song has meaning, substance and a message whether the message is as simple as enjoying life or as complex as the issues that face the Black diasporas and that of oppressed people in the world. Concise Flo, to me is cutting the middleman out and giving people pure soul. Concise Flo is music that make your brain tingle or may upset you if my music makes you wear the shoe that fits you.

Listen to Concise Flo’s submissions below:

Get Ya Hands UP!

It’s a Miracle