Maino Got Burnt Once…

But it was only gonorrhea! During this interview on Lip Service, Maino reinforces what you already know: You MUST talk to your kids about safe sex. When asked if he had ever gotten a disease, Maino responds, “When I was a little kid yeah. I had gonorrhea definitely.” And by little, he admits that he was about 13 or 14.

But did he tell the girl who gave it to him? “I never said sh*t to her.”

Thanks to Maino for being so straightforward and honest; most people wouldn’t be. Now if only he would have been straightforward and honest with the girl that gave it to him before she spread it around even more!

4 Responses to “Maino Got Burnt Once…”

  1. Yaki Kada says:

    some things you just need to keep to yourself.

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