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2 Girls, 1 Ball presents… Al Harrington

BY Scott A. Marlowe

ON July 24, 2009

2 Girls, 1 ball

2 Girls, 1 Ball is the brain child of Angela Yee and Carmella Bella.  Once a week they interview an athlete and get all into their personal business.  They also sometimes talk about some sports shit as well. In this edition, the ladies interviewed New York Knicks forward/center Al Harrington.

Angela asked him about his ‘Protege’ sneaker line (she couldn’t resist, you know she loves shoes). He said he rocks them on the court every night. He said he’s working on a women’s line as well. Al wears a size 16, which he said is average for a ball player. He talked about being self conscious about his feet and how he wears socks in the pool.

The girls and Al continued their feet talk. Al said he loves playing for the Knicks because it’s “home.” He grew up in Orange, NJ, which is right outside New York. Carmella asked him if he’s gotten booed by the Knicks fans and he said not yet.  They talked about his hanging from the rim incident but he said to “watch the tape, the tape doesn’t lie.” Angela talked about seeing his house on MTV Cribs. She asked him about his wife Michelle and if they had been together since high school. He told a funny story about the first time he met his wife.  He went in a hot tub with his socks on.

Angela wanted to invite him up to the show to have some drinks to get him to maybe show her his feet. He said doesn’t drink.  Carmella proposed doing Diet Coke shots instead. Angela asked him how he proposed to his wife.  He said they were doing karaoke when he asked her to marry him. He then put the ring on the wrong hand.  He concluded by promoting his sneaker – available exclusively at K-Mart for $35.