June 22, 2009

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I love shoes. Everyone who knows me knows this. I believe you can wear anything and make it look great with the right shoes. I love shoes that look like they hurt but they don’t, that people have to stop and stare at, that not many other people have. So naturally I spend a lot of time shoe shopping, and one of my favorite stores is Bourgeoisie Shoes. Check out the article that the Amsterdam News did on the luncheon I co-hosted with the store’s owner, Rashidah Ali, alongside special invited guests that included Danyel Smith (EIC of Vibe Magazine), Sharon Carpenter (BET), Shaunie O’Neal, Dia Simms (Blue Flame Marketing), and many others.

I did notice that Rashidah keeps champagne in the store, and I tend to be a little looser with my wallet after a couple of glasses…
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